Friday, 18 April 2008

Realigning Myself

Here we are again. Another day, another means for impressing the illusion of relevance through the word. You know, the one where I pretend I'm addressing others and not myself. I like that. I lost my last couple of blogs because of my patchy memory - I'm getting older (metaphorically). Anyway, here's the deal: I plan to write a lot on here: barely completed thoughts, ridiculous Kritiks, stories and plays that will probably be first drafts, and any other dan thing that crops up. Let's obey the urge for life beyond the singular.

P.S. I need to make a LoLCat picture with a bookish cat saying "I can has ecritis?!" Yes, I'm into cats, and I like the Lolcats. Wanna fight about it?

That's it. I would post a song for the day but...meh!