Wednesday, 22 July 2009

For KAG, wherever he or she may be.

A song of David.

1. The lost wind finds a way across the plains, its breath settling for paths unknown, unconquered, previously hidden from sight. 2. In the midst of all the razed, mighty Iroko stood upright, unshaken by Zephyr's call. 3. In the face of catastrophe, mighty Iroko, unfazed and calm, shed some weight but held arms high: ready for battle. 4. Let us salute the movement that brings music. 5. Let us salute the standing that brings difference. 6. It is true all trees fall. It is true all trees are temporarily vanquished. All those and more are true with time. 7. Yet, there is no perishing; all change into something anew. 8. See the rise of new sprouts! 9. See mighty Iroko with new faces all bright standing again in the sight of new land 10. Let us praise the wind. Let us joyfully proclaim its power 11. At the end, though, we shall not forget mighty Iroko, difference and arising.