Thursday, 2 April 2009

State your controversial opinions

Background: This was sort of a response to someone arguing for legalised pedophilia - you know, the one where the adult insists that the child consented, so it's all good - on that website. What I've written should be read as is and understood with humour. No, really.

I say it's about time we in the West started conscripting children into the Army. In fact, I propose that we start wars intentionally so that the children get a taste of blood in their teeth. I have no doubt that children have thought of fighting and killing, so it's up to adults to show them the way and help them experience their latent violent desires. It's even better if they consent.And, hey, if children aren't mature enough to fight in wars, they shouldn't be allowed to imagine violence or have disagreements with each other. Why? Because both sets of activities have the same end in mind: expression of the death drive in a natural manner. Now, if someone was only willing to interview select child soldiers from those War-torn African countries, I'm sure we''ll find that those who survive have benefited greatly from their experiences. As for any that want to give a negative picture of child soldiering, we can just point out that "hey, dipshit, you're still alive. Walk it off, pussy."Which brings me to trauma. The only reason any child can possibly be traumatised by having to fight for his or her (yes, girls must be allowed to fight too - especially if they want to) motherland has to be that the child has internalised societal beliefs that war is wrong.While I'm on the subject of kids, I say it's time that society get its dirty, normative inducing, controlling paws off them. If a kid wants to lead a country, company or whatever, on a whim, I say let them. If they have the instinct for it, then they evidently ready for the real thing.

Ed: Holy shit, Batman, seriously?

And that reminds me, isn't it about time someone killed that Batman, prick? Kids? Kids? Anyone?